The Divine Transformation…

The caterpillar

Thinks not of transformation.

Divine spark prevails.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

9 thoughts on “The Divine Transformation…

  1. What a stunning photo.
    I’ve been busy with other matters lately – I think they call it life – so it’s great to be back reading and viewing yours and others’ contributions to my day. I don’t think people realize just how far and deep their posts travel through the ether.

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    1. I am glad to see you back. I also have been off doing other things, but I am trying to get back into the rhythm of posting. 🙂 Thank you for always being so positive and encouraging. I greatly appreciate you!


    1. I agree! If we could all understand how divinely wonderful each of us is, we would live in a much more peaceful world. Thank you so much for stopping by and your encouraging, positive comment!! 🙂


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