Children of God…

Believe that we are

more than living beings; we

are love itself.

Image and Words by Magical Life

Reno the Kitty-Cat…

Calm eyed kitty-cat.

Silver whiskers reflecting

fierce, firework thoughts.

Words and Images by Magical Normal Life

A Tiny Roar…

My passion struggles to be heard…

With hopeful words becoming twisted, withered dust

Gathering grains of self belief.

Alas, assertion brings angry action

Of those who do not understand.

My voice may seem small however…

Enormous love holds strong emotions

That cannot be stopped

And will not be silenced.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

A Valentine wish…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day :). My wish is for everyone to be surrounded by love, whether it be romantic, family, friends or furry babies. 💕 This is Buttercup enjoying some Valentine roses.