Loving Eyes…

I walk through the beauty of life

With the light of friendship seeping within my spirit…

And the warmth of unconditional love

Embracing my heart.

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life


Puppy and I live

in this moment as he fights

Terminal illness.

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life


I am spirit.

A piece of creation’s love and energy.

Bright color, flowers, rainbows and paint.

The spiritual forces of nature and light seep into my being.

While  my quietness and creative longing push out into the universe.

These competing forces of yin and yang

Complete the person I am…

Quiet, spiritual, creative, nature filled.

I am changing.

Like the air around me or the ripples on water.  

I may seem similar, but I change in small degrees. 

Molecules dancing in a sequence of undisclosed steps.  

Sometimes tumbling in a beautiful design, 

And sometimes falling all over themselves.  

But I am created anew.

A piece of creation’s love and energy.

Light, love, color and yearning.

This image is part of the https://islandinthenet.com/52-week-smartphone-challenge/ I used my iPhone 10 and edited the photo with Snapseed. I added texture by using the app, Art Genius.

Words and Image by Magical-Normal Life