Peace and Calm…

The refreshing cool

ripples upon this peaceful

mountain lake, calm me.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

Mountain Skies…

Whispering blue skies

willfully invite me to

wonder through mountains.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

Creative Grace…

Even the mountains

sometimes feel small in the hands

of creative grace.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

Creation of Majesty…

In loneness and solitude, 

I look up to your majestic crown…

Covered with sparking jewels of snow.

The breath within me suddenly escapes,

As I realize

I am not alone.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

I feel so honored to live among the most beautiful Mountain ranges. It gives me the constant feel of spiritual awakening as I look to my west and see their towering peaks above me and the changing beauty of the clouds around them. I suppose many people feel this way about their hometown, but thankfully I live here beside the Rocky Mountains of my childhood, where I can be reminded that I am not alone.

Sunset Lullaby…

Mother Sun singing

Long, golden hued lullabies

For slumbering souls.

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life

Here is a post to celebrate Water Water Everywhere. This is actually just a small puddle, but the reflection was beautiful.

Frozen Quarry Pond — Water Water Everywhere #14


Fleeting memories

of enchanted dreamers fill

the winsome, star filled sky.

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life

The Mountain Song…

You call me into your towering arms

With the soft, whispering voice

Of air brushing through pine needles

Along with whirling wings of tiny ruby throated birds.

I run to you and…

Your sweet sting of mountain air tugs at my lungs

As I climb the rugged formations 

Who reach out to protect me.

Your colors of blue, green, brown and orange

Wrap me in a vision of peace.

And the beautiful strength of your cliffs

Are the walls of my soul.

Poetry and Image by Magical Normal Life

I am a mountain girl. I was raised, surrounded by the beauty and strength of the towering Rocky Mountains to the West of my childhood home. As an adult, commuting home from work, shopping at Walmart or a walk through the neighborhood brings with it the majestic view of America’s most famous mountains. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the warmth of a beach and the fury of the ocean. But my peace and meditation comes from the air deprived environment of tall peaks and the scent of pine needles. Much of my healing has come through these rugged, yet calming landforms as well as long conversations with beloved family, friends, and pets as we hike their quiet trails.

What brings you joy and healing? Are you a lover of the ocean, rivers, mountains or perhaps a lovely city or town? We all have our meditative space to heal and to grow. Blessings to you!