A Day at the Lake…

Today I went to

the lake and found this lovely

family playing.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

Weathered Wisdom…

Aged weathered roots show

colorful and textured lines

in search of wisdom.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

Today was the first day in over a month that I was able to take my camera out of the house and take pictures. I went to a park a few miles from my home and had a wonderful time reacquainting myself with nature. I found another photographer there who lived nearby and he showed me all the bird’s nests and young animals. Wonderful day!!!

Searching for light…

Red blooms searching for

succulent blue sky and warm

wondrous sunlight.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

The bird’s song…

The bird’s splendid song

echos within my body…

leaving me breathless.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

My favorite colors…

Bright pink and yellow

petals form spectacular

bursts of vivid songs.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

Ordinary is the color of dreams…

This ordinary grass stem gleams sunny rays out of ominous formations.

Filling the outstretched limbs of shadows with warm colors,

Which clothe the shape of dreams

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life

The life of a Colorado teacher…

My day was tough and I am tired. I teach Kindergarten and today we celebrated 100 days of school. And tomorrow we celebrate Valentines Day before a day and an evening of parent/teacher conferences. Yikes!!! I love my job and all of my students. Not to mention that the days of celebration are fun. However, all that five year old excitement leaves me exhausted and ready to go home, put on my pj’s and eat pizza.

Yet, there is that part of me that requires time to myself in nature. I can’t make it to the mountains tonight, but there is a park nearby where I can walk in the calm, crisp, February air. The ducks and geese swim in the little area of the lake that is not frozen over. They are quacking, honking their displeasure in my presence. I look up and watch the sun dip behind the mountains, slipping my phone out of my pocket just in time to catch this beautiful moment. I feel refreshed and happy. I reflect on my day and find the many positive aspects that I had previously overlooked. Excited children, wonderful learning and supportive collogues. I am tired, but my day had meaning and I am surrounded by a loving community. With a full and thankful heart, I am ready to go home and order some pizza. ๐Ÿ™‚


I sit between the wise, noble tree 

And itโ€™s trembling reflection.

Thoughts piling up inside

Spilling up, spilling over

Pouring into the silent, still stream before us.

The strong, soundless branches of nature hold high an idea.

But the winds of the world blow ripples within the words

And blur the meaning of intentions.  

Poetry and Image by Magical Normal Life

Many times, reflecting on my inner self is as painful as it is forthcoming. However, viewing what is within my heart has been the most healing exercise of deep grief. Well that, and time. And I have had plenty of time. In emerging from the reflection, I often want to express what I am feeling, but the feelings cannot be accurately expressed in words and they often come out distorted and blurred. How do you express these deep seated emotions that are rooted deep within each of us? Poetry, photography, painting or sharing your story. I appreciate what each of you have brought to my life through the sharings of your inner self. Blessing to you!!

This image is part of the https://islandinthenet.com/52-week-smartphone-challenge/ The topic is Symmetry. I used my iPhone 10. Photo is cropped and edited with Snapseed.