Be the Light…

The light within you

warms lost golden dreams in the

heart of humanity.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

A Mother’s Love…

The sun soaked mist

sings of a soft lullaby,

Bringing whispered ripples of peace

To my heavy heart.

As dusk covers the Earth,

Heavy fingers hold close a

Warm, tattered blanket of healing colors.

So I can tuck you in.

And when the moon rises,

The stars will sprinkle stardust

down upon your precious fighting spirit.

Magically mending my little one.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

The Growth Ahead…

It is through difficult times

That our hearts become stronger

And compassion clears a path for healing.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life.

My Pink Mood…

Whimsical wonder

Of the lingering mystic

Makes my mood feel pink.

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life

This image is part of the The topic is mood. This image was shot on an iPhone X tuned and cropped in Snapseed using the “smooth” filter.

My Loving Shadow…

Every time my gaze

Crosses your path, I feel your

Cherished, heavy love.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

Ordinary is the color of dreams…

This ordinary grass stem gleams sunny rays out of ominous formations.

Filling the outstretched limbs of shadows with warm colors,

Which clothe the shape of dreams

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life

Sunset Lullaby…

Mother Sun singing

Long, golden hued lullabies

For slumbering souls.

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life

Here is a post to celebrate Water Water Everywhere. This is actually just a small puddle, but the reflection was beautiful.

Frozen Quarry Pond — Water Water Everywhere #14


Fleeting memories

of enchanted dreamers fill

the winsome, star filled sky.

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life

Love Story…

Affection in furry form. Breathtaking love of my life.  

Even now, my heart is fractured as I think of Yuri. 

However, he is still here.  

Influencing and showing his presence with a yearning of meaning.

Magical  music glides over mosaic remembrances and in certain moments

The holy hollowness of my heart beats the passion of  a peaceful spirit, 

Gentleness glistening in the sweet memories of long walks and silent conversations. 

Still here, in my mind, in my heart a steady gaze tells me he is silently with me. 

How can it be that this gentle  dog still grips my heart in grief…

He was the one who guided me through  healing

A  path of heartache that had clenched  and paralyzed me with fear.

He helped in maneuvering the treacherous waters of life, so I began to  believe in myself. 

The tears I shed are big, real tears of  sorrow and loss. 

Yet I am healed through his everlasting devotion of hope.

And life lessons continue to lead me in the love that is waiting for me within the eyes of nature.

This image is part of the The topic is Love Story. My son shot this with his iPhone 6 witnessing me saying goodbye to Yuri. He was 13 and crippled with arthritis. We were fortunate that we were able to put him down in his beloved backyard. I am convinced that Yuri was and will always be an Angel. Photo is cropped and edited in snapseed.