Inspiring Hope…

Pink breaths of living

dreams, open within sleeping

covers of nature.

Nature Inspires Hope ..

The beautiful fresh aired feeling of the coming fall has both invigorated my soul and readied my mind for a quiet retreat into a colder, yet cosy season ahead. However, my heart is not ready to surrender and is suffering from pre withdrawal symptoms of summer wistfulness. My lungs gasp in the last of warm colored fragrances, washed down with a thirst for buzzing insects and a gathering desire for sparkled star-gazing.

The season ahead seems cold and daunting, with sub freezing temperatures, short days, dark nights and my thoughts continual take me to this shadowy place. So much so, that I can’t hang onto these last days of summer. My eyes cry for the loss of the flower even as I gaze at its last fragile grip on life. The tiny blooms, ready to sprout, do not care if tomorrow brings snow or sun. Like so many self help books and gratitude articles, nature is telling me to live in this moment.

It is in this moment when the golden, warm blanket of nature’s knowledge has once again secured my hope in the future. A future that can only be imagined, as it is not yet reality. Reality is in the here and now. So, it is time to drink in the cool, crisp air of the final summer days and allow my heart to beat pink thoughts of tiny blooms, ready to sprout in the next season.

Words and Image by Magical Normal Life

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