You always loved the birds

You would fill the feeders each day and they would thank you with a beautiful symphony of trills and Chirps

Your eyes shining bright as you would take my small little body into your warm maternal arms and left me up to see  the robins nest

Your soft voice in my ear reminding me to listen to the love song of the red breasted Finch

The endless amount of time you devoted to teaching me to listen to the peaceful patterns of nature

You taught me to love life

But suddenly you were gone

You said you would be riding the wings of an angel, but the angel dropped you and you fell out of the sky.

If only you had wings of your own so you could soar from heaven to earth

Yet, Because you loved me so much

I still love life

I still find peace in nature

Each day I fill the feeders and I think of you

I hope with all my heart that you are still here with me

Perhaps you are one of the birds

Or maybe you are the slight breeze that gently whispers in my ear

But wherever you are…

Please know that I will always love the birds.


Words and Image by Magical Normal Life.  

Deep Grief…

The pain is raw, biting, blistering

It feels as though the front of my body has been seared away

Leaving my wounded heart exposed

The bloody mass of loneliness seeps onto the floor

It burns…

I cannot sit in this tortuous agony any longer

And yet,

I cannot run from it either.


Poetry and Images by Magical-Normal Life

No longer Alone…

I am asked only to live in this moment.

To exist in the ageless breath I am breathing.

All eternity is in present time.

Souls of loved ones, both on Earth and Heaven, collect to fill me with meaning.

Their voices whispering sweet memories in my ear.

Their acceptance wraps around me in a warm embrace.

My breath brings in the cool, fresh scent of morning air, as I settle deeper in this cozy moment.

I matter. I am loved.

This moment is everything.

poetry and images by Magical Normal Life