Coming Back to Life…

Yesterday the ache was so strong

A wave of loneliness so forceful that it seemed to drown me with pain and sorrow

Alone in this world with only the echos of my existence being noticed by those around me

Now, for the moment, the agony is gone

Like a heavy blanket of sadness being  lifted from my grieving soul

My heart sees the glittering gold of hope ahead

My lungs, so tired from the constant sobbing, gasp in bits of fresh air

A glimpse of new life glimmer in my mind’s eye as I look forward through the fog of grief that floats before me

Though I still see the desolate road of heartache ahead

I can now see the rainbow that signals life is still here

My heart still beats

My breathe still gives rhythm to the nature around me

My eyes see the smiles of my children

I will cling to this moment within me 

In hopes it will get me through the heavy wall of pain 

I will once again feel tomorrow

Poetry and Images by Magical Normal Life

2 thoughts on “Coming Back to Life…

    1. Thank you for your kindness and concern. I wrote this awhile ago and posted it two years ago when my blog was geared more to grief. I definitely have had my hard days, but not in the last few years. Life is good. 😊


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